Our automatic pallet scanning system on loading ramps has proved to be a great help for warehouse employees. The system was positively accepted by the employees, relieving them from tedious manual scanning of each pallet loaded on the ramps. Since the implementation of the system, there have been no incorrect loading of incorrect pallets for delivery trucks, which significantly improves the quality parameters in the factory. We are pleased to announce that we are launching a system commissioning project on all loading ramps at our customer's factory.

mlabThe successful implementation of the basic MLAB module - the module for marking production samples caused the need to develop the system with new modules. We have developed a laboratory module - allowing for describing a given sample in the database with its laboratory results and a tasting assessment module. The samples that our customer analyzes are food samples, hence the final stage of product testing is the organoleptic assessment, its result is discussed at a special meeting and the statistical ratings of individual members of the tasting panel go to the database. All stages of this work are now performed in the electronic data system without the use of standard paper forms.

SAPWe have prepared a universal two-way interface for data exchange with SAP. Our product is based on libraries provided by SAP, which guarantees correct work in the event of upgrading or expanding the customer's SAP system. Using the prepared interface, the customer has a fully reliable data exchange between SAP and our products. Potentially, we can also mediate in data exchange between SAP and third-party products. We invite your cooperation.

probkaFor our client, we have launched a system of marking and identifying samples taken from individual production series - MLab. The sample is marked at the time of its collection by sticking an individual sticker on it. Each sample receives a number. Information about the data and time of its collection, the machine that produced it, and other parameters defined by the customer are collected to the database. This data will be subject to later processing at the laboratory analysis stage.

wozekFor our client, we have prepared an independent system of automatic pallets scanning on loading ramps. The system consists of Sick bar code readers, which read bar codes from the palette label during crossing of the forklift truck with the palette. The code is transferred to a dedicated computer panel where all read codes are displayed. On this basis, the data on the number of loaded pallets are displayed on a regular basis and most importantly, the system automatically performs warehouse transfers in the master SAP system used at the customer's factory.

EKANBANOur implementation of the E-Kanban system has been very well evaluated by Professor Hajime Yamashina, a world expert and auditor in the field of implementing business management improvement systems. Professor audited our client's factory in connection with the implementation of the WCM strategy - World Class Manufacturing. The company's management system is used by big global brands. It covers in a comprehensive way the aim of increasing the efficiency, quality and safety of manufacturing processes. Kanban is an important component of the WCM system.

ToyotaSDIn cooperation with Toyota Industries, we have prepared for our client integration of AGV stroller control with a production management system. Thanks to the knowledge of both systems, we have prepared a module that allows to send tasks for an AGV in manual or automatic mode. In automatic mode, the system manages order priorities in such a way as to optimize the delivery of components to the production lines.


We have another customer interested in our E-Kanban system. We started the Try&Buy purchase program for one of the factories in Bydgoszcz. The customer will be able to test the system before purchasing and see how it can improve in-factory logistics and communication between the warehouse and production lines. It will help to optimize the use of workers in this process which is crucial for any plant. One can also expect improvement of product quality as a result of continuous monitoring whether supplied materials comply with production plans. E-kanban does not allow employees to delivery wrong materials and captures all human errors in the process. That’s why modern factories implement Kanban based applications.

try buy

We decided to introduce Try&Buy program for our CallOff E-Kanban system in order to assist our customers in the difficult process of making decision to implement new IT solutions.
For the customer it is a very convenient way of testing a system, which by definition is not out-of-the-box solution. Each implementation should be done based on the analysis of logistic processes in the plant, possibility of automatic data feed from production process and working out custom implementation path.

AGV concept

Due to numerous enquiries about automatic vehicles we have initiated a new ambitious project.

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) currently available on Polish market are mainly supplied by well-established brands from EU. This means they are rather expensive, delivery time is long and the solutions are not flexible enough to respond to specific requirements of customers.

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