wozekFor our client, we have prepared an independent system of automatic pallets scanning on loading ramps. The system consists of Sick bar code readers, which read bar codes from the palette label during crossing of the forklift truck with the palette. The code is transferred to a dedicated computer panel where all read codes are displayed. On this basis, the data on the number of loaded pallets are displayed on a regular basis and most importantly, the system automatically performs warehouse transfers in the master SAP system used at the customer's factory.


The forklift operator is informed on a regular basis about the correctness of bar code readout of pallets by means of audible and visual signals. In the case of problems with warehouse shifts in SAP (such as a pallet blocked in the system), the operator immediately receives information after trying to load such a pallet onto an error-free car. This increases the efficiency of work of warehouse employees in a decisive way and does not allow improper goods to be loaded for the recipient.


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