System Design

  • The company is based on a solid and proven team of experienced employees;
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the delivering advanced solutions in the field of IT and automation;
  • We provide end-to-end support in the area of IT and automation;
  • We have been working closely with our customers for over 10 years;
  • Our core values:

>> Competition - compete on the market in a fair manner, acting in accordance with the laws and regulations on market competition. "The quality of our services and good deal" - the choice is left to the customer.
>> Our employees - the success of our company consists of highly motivated and creative staff working as a team.
>> Working for the customer - we operate as partners to our customers and respond to their needs by offering ICT services and products.
>> Customer relationships - we build long-term business relations based on high customer satisfaction.
>> Betting on quality - we expect from ourselves and our employees to maintain the highest quality of services and solutions in the field of information technology and automation.
>> Environmental protection - solutions and processes provided for customers, as well as ongoing company operations are carried out with respect for the environment and its protection. Technologies used are energy efficient and cause the minimum amount of waste.
>> Innovation - we are continuously expanding our offer by introducing new technological solutions and innovations in the field of information technology and automation. In order to meet the growing requirements of our customers we stay on the edge of technical development in the rapidly changing world of computer science and automation.
>> Acting in accordance with the law - we act in accordance with the legal requirements in the countries where our customers operate.
>> Ethical conduct in personal contacts and business - we strive to make our business activities are transparent, we are not involved in activities inconsistent with the code of business conduct.
>> Development - We are open to new ideas and concepts by giving employees opportunities to achieve them

Our services include:

  • Designing IT systems;
  • Supplying, integration and launching hardware solutions and ICT systems
  • Providing IT strategy, selection and development of software;
  • Analysis, design of solutions and software development for specific needs of customers;
  • Development of dedicated systems and web applications;
  • Sales of computer hardware tailored to customer needs;
  • Servicing and repair of computer equipment;
  • Sales and development of software;
  • Comprehensive IT services for companies.
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