We are a provider of high quality IT and automation solutions. Our company designs and develops in-house applications and hardware solutions for managing production processes. We implement dedicated tools for production automation, quality control and advanced system reporting.

Our company employs highly specialized design and support specialists.
We have our own R&D and innovation centers. It gives us opportunity to provide services on the highest level that fully meet the demands of our customers.


Our services include:

  • Project management at every stage: choice of solutions, design, implementation, testing, post-implementation support
  • Application design and development of specialist software
  • Solutions in the field of information technology and industrial automation
  • Design and construction of special equipment based on microprocessors
  • Design and construction of automatic equipment - Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Server migration, data migration, migration of specialized equipment
  • Managed colocation of hardware, applications and data at the data center
  • Analysis of BCP and planning of DRP locations
  • Audits of existing IT solutions
  • IT outsourcing
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